Kuoni, one of the world’s most prominent tour operators have revealed the fact that Maldives stayed in the list of their best-selling destinations for fifteen years in a row! Kuoni said in its “Travels Trends Report” of the year that slowing down is not at all seen in Maldives. Statistical reports show that the amount of tourists particularly from UK increased by 18.7% by November 2017. The country’s increase in the amount of top notch service offering hotels does seem to be a boosting point. As such, around 27 new hotels were established in Maldives since 2013.

Needless to say, Maldives is one of the most wonderful honeymoon destinations in Asia. However, Maldives has now broadened their tourist market such that family travelers, lone travelers and even millennial travelers can be accommodated in an excellent standard. 

Another 23 resorts are to be established by the end of 2019. Hence, hotels offering modern and chic luxury holidays shall become hard to choose from than ever before. 

Maldives came top FIRST in Kuoni from the best honeymoon category while it came third in the best wedding experience category. Thanks to the immaculate family resorts in Maldives now, it has finally been able to leap into the list of the finest family destinations. 

The Kuoni Trends Report does not normally focus on where people go to spend their holidays to relax, rejuvenate and unwind. It looks into the inspiration which guides them to book their dream hideaway. This report was generated with relentless effort. As such, this report involved the analyzing of the data, detecting anomalies and patterns and of course, consulting with the connoisseurs of the field. 

The growth of tourism in Maldives has increased by double digits since the past years. However, compared to this particular rate of growth, the most recent reports show a slight slowdown. The Maldivian government has now made a new altitude to reach. That is, 1.5 million tourists are to be attracted to the sunny side of life by the end of the year. 

Accommodating for budget travelers had become a challenge as well. This is because most budget travelers tend to opt for simpler guest houses instead of luxury resorts. As of now, there are approximately 450 guest houses which are suitable for such travelers.